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RivMed Successfully Regains Foster Care Accreditation

Foster Care OOHC RivMed

Riverina Medical and Dental Aboriginal Corporation (RivMed) proudly announced the successful reinstatement of its accreditation, allowing the continued provision of culturally safe Out of Home Care services in the Wagga Wagga region.

In 2022, RivMed’s accreditation faced a temporary deferral due to identified shortcomings in operational policies and procedures, leading to intervention and assistance from the Office of the Children’s Guardian (OCG), the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) and AbSec, the peak organisation for Aboriginal children and families in NSW. At the time of deferral, 54 children were in care with their carers being supported by RivMed’s case management and support teams. As a result, these cases were carefully transitioned to other organisations.

Working diligently with OCG, DCJ and AbSec, RivMed has implemented a comprehensive performance improvement plan to address the identified issues and implement actions that focus on providing culturally safe and positive environments for vulnerable children in care, facilitating connections with family and kinship structures, and ensuring a strong sense of identity within the Aboriginal community.

Peta Larsen, RivMed’s Chief Executive Officer said the corporation has been granted full accreditation for three years without restrictions on the number of children in care, or the complexity of their needs.

“RivMed is accredited as a designated agency under the provisions in Schedule 3A to the Children’s Guardian Act 2019,” Ms Larsen said.

“We are now actively working with non-Aboriginal government organisations to transition Aboriginal children and cases to our dedicated team of First Nations staff, skilled in delivering effective foster care case management and support services,

“Through our model of care, Aboriginal children and their carers will receive culturally appropriate support with access to culture and community to help develop children’s positive self-identity, encourage healing, and maintain a sense of belonging, especially for those who have been disconnected from their immediate family,” Ms Larsen said.

In his notice of accreditation letter, NSW Children’s Guardian Mr Stephen Kinmond OAM congratulated RivMed on this significant achievement.

“Given the improvement in systems and practice demonstrated by RivMed, I have removed the additional conditions previously imposed on RivMed, 

“This includes the condition requiring RivMed to engage an external consultant with reportable conduct expertise and the condition limiting the number of children and young people to whom RivMed may provide statutory out-of-home care services to,

“I have informed the Department of Communities and Justice that there are no longer any restrictions imposed by my office on the number of children and young people who may be placed with RivMed,”

Since regaining its accreditation, RivMed has furthered its holistic Out of Home Care model by introducing cultural support plans. These are designed to preserve cultural heritage and identity, ensuring that no child loses touch with their culture or community.

“This accomplishment is a testament to RivMed’s dedication to delivering positive outcomes for the Wagga Wagga Aboriginal community,” Ms Larsen said.

“We thank the Board for their resilience throughout the recent adversity, and acknowledge the perseverance of the operational team, especially their commitment to improvement and growth,”

As a designated agency, information about RivMed’s accreditation status is published on the Office of the Children’s Guardian’s website and accessible to the public.




Media Contact: Ms Peta Larsen, Chief Executive Officer, Riverina Medical and Dental Aboriginal Corporation (02) 6923 5300. Email contact made via Latoya Terry (Executive Assistant) via

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Image Caption: RivMed Out of Home Care Team: Back L to R Peta Larsen CEO, Nathan Wells Case Manager. Front L to R Cherie Vaughan Program Manager, Chantelle Little Case Manager, Susan Colley Foster Care Carer Recruitment and Support, Penny Kay Principal Officer  

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We respectfully acknowledge that the lands and waterways on which the Riverina Medical and Dental Aboriginal Corporation operates, and the communities we serve are the traditional lands of the Wiradjuri people. We pay our respects to our elders past and present and we will continue to fulfill our cultural obligations as a First Nations organisation operating on Wiradjuri country.

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