HEALS (Hearing EAr health Language and Speech services) project

RivMed has partnered with the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health at Australian National University College of Health and Medicine to deliver the HEALS Hearing EAr health Language and Speech services program.

The data collected from this project will help Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) services understand how they can work towards closing the gap in health outcomes for Aboriginal people when it comes to Ear, Nose and Throat conditions such as middle-ear disease, which can cause hearing loss, speech and language impairment and other complications.

For more information visit HEALS website.

RivMed – Yandarra FEstival
RivMed – Yandarra FEstival

Ear Health Services

RivMed delivers the Hearing Assessment Program for Early Ears (HAP-EE) Clinic, one per month for two days. These sessions are available for children from ages 0-6yrs. 

A Ear Health Practitioner will assess 4+yrs for general ear health. No GP referral is required, following assessment you may be referred to GP, who may recommend follow up or specialist intervention for early detection and treatment for otitis media. This can lead to hearing aids and speech pathology to help with hearing for learning and language development. 

For more information visit the HAP-EE Ears Website

RivMed – Yandarra FEstival

How to access these services

Use the quick links to make an appointment or contact us.

RivMed – Yandarra FEstival

We respectfully acknowledge that the lands and waterways on which the Riverina Medical and Dental Aboriginal Corporation operates, and the communities we serve are the traditional lands of the Wiradjuri people. We pay our respects to our elders past and present and we will continue to fulfill our cultural obligations as a First Nations organisation operating on Wiradjuri country.

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