Preservation Support Program (Family Preservation)

RivMed delivers the NSW Family Preservation Support Program (PSP) which aims to keep families together safely. The program supports the development of parenting skills, family functioning, and child development. The goal is to keep children safely at home and to prevent them entering out of home care (OOHC).

To be eligible for the program, children or young people must reside with their parents, or in one of the following:

  • A specialist homeless service (SHS) – provided the young person is not also in OOHC
  • Guardianship arrangement
  • Temporary care arrangement
RivMed – Wellness Centre
RivMed – Wellness Centre

How to access the
Preservation Support Program

Clients are referred to RivMed for services. However, please contact us for more information about the service.

RivMed – Wellness Centre

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