Smoking Cessation Services

RivMed delivers the NSW Smoking Cessation Framework to combat the leading cause of chronic disease and premature death in NSW. This includes the smoking of e-cigarettes and vaping.

The locally delivered program aims to:

  • Engage community members in tobacco cessation activities
  • Improve access to culturally appropriate quit support
  • Encourage and support smokers to quit
  • Encourage ex-smokers to remain smoke-free
  • Encourage and support non-smokers to avoid uptake
  • Raise awareness in our community about the health impacts of smoking and passive smoking
  • Support communities to establish smoke-free homes, workplaces and public spaces
RivMed – Wellness Centre


You can access Smoke-Free Support resources such as:

  • Smoke-free posters
  • Calendar
  • Fact Sheets
RivMed – Wellness Centre

How to start your smoke-free journey?

Tobacco smoking is not part of our culture, it harms our bodies. Most of our people have smoked for a long-time and find it hard to quit. However, our smoking cessation worker can provide tailored support to get you started on your smoke-free journey.

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Bettina Goolagong
Smoking Cessation Worker

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