Special administration corporation advisory group (CAG)

Special administration corporation advisory group (CAG)

We are in the process of establishing a special administration corporation advisory group (CAG). The CAG will help the special administrator make sound decisions during the special administration for the welfare and governance of the corporation.
Members of the advisory group may be people who want to be considered for a future position on the board and who have the skills required to guide and strengthen the leadership of the corporation.
During the special administration, the advisory group will help the special administrator:

  • make decisions relating to the corporate change process during the special administration
  • consider how best to strengthen the corporation
  • look at ways the corporation’s rules can be amended to reflect the interests of all members
  • review new membership applications
  • develop the capability of the future board and improve its administration systems.

At the end of the special administration, the special administrator will appoint members from the CAG to the new RivMed board to lead the governance, strategy and commercial oversight of RivMed in its important role as an Aboriginal community-controlled health service.
You are invited and encouraged to nominate your interest in joining the CAG using the attached form. We will accept nominations for the CAG well into the special administration but encourage you to nominate your interest as soon as possible.
The CAG may also consist of some non-members of the corporation recruited as specialist independent members who have board experience and appropriate specialist skills of value to the corporation.

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